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1882 FA Cup Final: Old Etonians 1 Blackburn Rovers 0

1882 FA Cup Final Result: Old Etonians 1 Blackburn Rovers 0

Match Venue: Kennington Oval, London

Date: Saturday 25th March 1882

Scorers: Old Etonians – William Anderson

Old Etonians Team: John Rawlinson, Thomas French, Percy de Paravicini, Arthur Kinnaird, Charles Foley, Philip Novelli, Arthur Dunn, Reginald Macaulay, Harry Goodhart, William Anderson, John Barrington Chevallier

Blackburn Rovers Team: Roger Howarth, Hugh Mclntyre, Fergus Suter, Harold Sharples, John Hargreaves, John Duckworth, Jimmy Douglas, Thomas Strachan, James Brown, Geoffrey Avery, John Hargreaves

The Blackburn team included England internationals John and Fred Hargreaves and Jimmy Brown.

Referee: Charles Clegg

Attendance: 6,500

Kennington Oval London

1882 FA Cup Final Match ReportThe colors blackburn rovers wore in the 1882 fa cup final

A provincial club now reached the 1982 FA Cup Final for the first time. Unfortunately for Blackburn Rovers, the FA Cup did not travel back to Lancashire. The Etonians, led by Arthur Kinnaird in his eighth Final, were prepared for Rovers with their newly won reputation and record of winning thirty-one out of thirty-five matches during the season.

Blackburn Rovers, playing into a strong wind, was hard-pressed to keep their goal intact in the early stages of the final. Reginald Macaulay’s shot was deflected behind for a corner in the first minute.

Eight minutes later, Dunn got away down the wing, outpacing Harold Sharples and Hugh Mclntyre, and crossed to William Anderson, who had moved out to the opposite wing. Amid great cheering, Anderson put the ball through the Blackburn Rovers goalposts.

Blackburn had been upset by the tactics of their opponents, who relied on charges upfield, backed by weight, pace, and some fancy kicking, often with both feet off the ground.

Superstitious Blackburn Rovers was even putting their defeat down to the fact that they had to change from their regular playing strip due to a color clash with the Old Etonians. After arriving in London, the team was forced to buy a set of hooped shirts and later blamed this for their defeat.

Arthur Kinnaird celebrated Old Etonian’s 1982 FA Cup final victory by standing on his head in front of the Kennington Oval pavilion. It was the last final he was to receive a winners’ medal.

This was the last final won by Old Etonians or an amateur team from Southern England that had dominated the FA Cup competition during its first decade. Old Etonians other FA Cup victory was in 1879.

old etonians vs blackburn fa cup final

1882 FA Cup – Qualifying Rounds

First Round

Old Etonian colorsBootle v Blackburn Law 2-1; Turton v Astley Bridge 2-0; Darwen v Blackburn Olympic 3-1; Bolton Wand v Eagley 1 -0; BLACKBURN ROVERS v Park Road 9-1; Accrington S v Queen’s Park, Glasgow wo; Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest 4-1; Nottingham v Calthorpe wo; Wednesbury Old Ath v St George’s 9-0; Small Heath Alliance v Derby 4-1; Wednesbury Strollers v Stafford Road 3-1; Staveley v Spilsby 5-1; GranthamvBrigg 6-0; Sheffield v Britannia Recreation. Brigg 8-0; Heeleyv Lockwood Bros 5-0; Wednesday v Providence 2-0; Gt Marlow v Brentwood 3-1; Reading v Hendon 5-0; West End v Remnants 3-2; St Bartholomew’s Hospital v Wanderers wo; Dreadnought v Caius College wo; Pilgrims v Mosquitoes 5-0; Barnes v Rochester 3-1; Old Foresters v Morion Rangers 3-0; Royal Engineers v Kildare 6-0; Old Carthusians v Esher Leopold 5-0; Swifts v Herts Rangers 4-0; Acton v Finchley4-0; OLD ETONIANS v Clapham Rovers 1-0; Maidenhead v Henley 2-0; Old Harrovians v Olympic 4-2; Romford v Rangers wo; Upton Pk v St Albans 3-0; Hotspur v Union 1 -0; Reading Abbey v Woodford Bridge 2-0; Reading Minster v Windsor Home Pk 1-0; Hanover Utd bye

Second Round

BLACKBURN ROVERS v Bolton Wand 6-2; Darwen v Accrington S 3-1; Turton v Bootle 4-0; Wednesbury Old Ath v Small Heath Alliance 6-0; Aston Villa bye; Nottingham v Wednesbury Strollers 11-1; Sheff Wed bye; Staveley v Grantham 3-1; Heeley v Sheffield 4-1; Upton Pk v Hanover Utd 3-1; Hotspur v Reading Abbey 4-1; Reading Minster v Romford 3-1; OLD ETONIANS bye; Swifts v Old Harrovians 7-1; Maidenhead v Acton 2-1; Gt Marlow v St Bart’s Hospital 2-0; Dreadnought bye; Reading v West End wo; Old Foresters v Pilgrims 3-1; Royal Engineers bye; Old Carthusians v Barnes 7-1

old etonians vs blackburn in fa cup final 1882

Third Round

BLACKBURN ROVERS bye; Darwen v Turton 4-2; Wednesbury Old Ath bye; Aston Villa v Nottingham 4-1; Sheff Wed v Staveley 5-1; Heeley bye; Upton Pk bye; Hotspur v Reading Minster 2-0; OLD ETONIANS v Swifts 3-0; Maidenhead bye; Gt Marlow v Dreadnought 2-1; Reading bye; Old Forester’s bye; Royal Engineers v Old Carthusians 2-0

Fourth Round

BLACKBURN ROVERS v Darwen 5-1; Wednesbury Old Ath v Aston Villa 4-2; Sheff Wed v Heeley 3-1; Upton Pk v Hotspur 5-0; OLD ETONIANS v Maidenhead 6-3; Gt Marlow v Reading wo; Old Foresters v Royal Engineers 2-1

Fifth Round

BLACKBURN ROVERS v Wednesbury Old Ath 3-1; Sheff Wed v Upton Pk 6-0; OLD ETONIANS bye; Gt Marlow v Old Foresters 1 -0

1882 FA Cup Semi-Finals

BLACKBURN ROVERS v Sheff Wed 0-0, 5-1; OLD ETONIANS v Gt Marlow 5-0