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1884 Blackburn Rovers FA Cup team

1884 FA Cup Final: Blackburn Rovers 2 Queen’s Park 1

1884 FA Cup Final Final Score: Blackburn Rovers 2 Queen’s Park 1

Venue: Kennington Oval – Saturday 29th March 1884

Scorers: Blackburn Rovers – (Sowerbutts, Forrest), Queen’s Park (Christie)

Blackburn Rovers Team: H. J. Arthur; J. Beverley, F. Suter; H. M’lntyre, J. Hargreaves, J. H. Forrest; J. M. Lofthouse, J. Douglas, J. Sowerbutts, J. Inglis, J. Brown

Queen’s Park Team: G. Gillespie; W. Arnott, J. MacDonald; C. Campbell, J. J. Gow, W. Anderson, W. W. Watt, Dr. Smith, W. Harrower, D. S. Allan, R. M. Christie

Referee: C. Crump

Attendance: 12,000

Who Won The FA Cup In 1884

The 1884 FA Cup Final had resolved itself into an international contest without precedent. A 12,000 crowd at the Oval, the largest at any final so far, gathered to see the climax of a competition that had that year attracted a record entry of 101 clubs.

Blackburn Rovers won the first of three successive FA Cup Finals, two of them against this Glasgow club, virtually the Scottish international side.

Understandably, Blackburn Rovers had the crowd on their side, but they looked anything but at home during the first twenty minutes. After this early period of uncertainty, however. Rovers set to work in earnest and played superbly to the end. But, unfortunately, in the second half, the Scotsmen were utterly outplayed.

The 1884 FA Cup match produced three goals, all of which were scored fifteen minutes before half-time. First, Brown crossed from the left, and Sower-butts had only to apply the gentlest touch to help the ball between the posts: 1-0 to England.

Blackburn Rovers always looked likely to increase their lead, and, after Gillespie had sent the ball to the left, Forrest obliged with a hard shot just under the bar. They threatened to go further ahead, but then Anderson forced a corner, took it himself, and, following a bout of passing around the Rovers’ goal posts, Christie neatly side-footed the ball past Arthur and notched a goal for the Scotsmen.

1884 FA Cup Round By Round

First Round

Grantham v Spilsby 3-2; Rotherham v Spital 7-2; Notts County v Heeley 3-1; Staveley v Middlesbrough 5-1; Lockwood Brothers v Sheffield Club 4-1; Grimsby v Hull T 3-1; Nottingham Forest v Redcar and Coatham wo; Sheff Wed bye; Walsall T v Calthorpe 9-0; Birmingham Excelsior v Small Heath Alliance 3-2; Stafford Road v Aston Unity 5-1; Wednesbury Old Ath v St George’s 5-0; Wednesbury T v West Bromwich Albion 2-0; Aston Villa v Walsall Swifts 5-1; Wolves v Long Eaton Rangers 4-1; Derby Midland bye; Blackburn Olympic v Darwen Ramblers 5-1; Blackburn Park Road v Low Moor 6-1; Accrington Stanley v Blackpool 4-1; Padiham v Lower Darwen 3-1; Darwen v Church 1 -0; South Shore v Clitheroe 3-2; BLACKBURN ROVERS v Southport 7-0; Eagley v Halliwell 5-2; Bolton Wandanders v Bolton Olympic 9-0; Gt Lever v Astley Bridge 4-1; Hurst v Turton 3-1; Rossendale v Irwell Springs 6-2; Bolton v Bradshaw 5-1; PNE bye; Druids v Northwich Vie 0-1; Oswestry v Hartford St John’s 7—0; Davenham v Macclesfield 2-0; Manchester v Stoke-on-Trent 2-1; QUEEN’S PARK, GLASGOW v Crewe Alex 10-0; Wrexham v Liverpool Ramblers wo; Brentwood v Hanover Utd 6-1; Hendon v Old Etonians 3-2; Mosquitoes v Pilgrims 3-2; Old Westminsters v Chatham 3-0; Romford v Woodford Bridge 3-0; Reading v South Reading 2-0; Upton Pk v Acton 2-0; Old Carthusians v Reading Minster 10-1; Old Foresters v Dreadnought 2-1; West End v Maidenhead 1 —0; Clapham R v Kildare wo; Gt Marlow v Hornchurch 9—0; Windsor v Royal Engineers 5-3; Old Wykehamists v Upton Rangers 7-1; Rochester v Uxbridge 2-1; Swifts bye

Second Round

Staveley v Sheff Wed 3-1; Notts Co v Nott’m Forest 3-0; Lockwood Brothers v Rotherham 3-1; Grantham v Grimsby 4-0; Derby Midland v Birmingham Excelsior 2-1; Wednesbury T v Walsall T 6-0; Aston Villa v Stafford Road 5-0; Wednesbury Old Ath v Wolves 4-2; BLACKBURN R v South Shore 7-1; Accrington S v Park Road 3-2 (Accrington disqualified); Blackburn Olympic v Darwen 2-1; Padiham bye; PNE v Gt Lever 4-1; Hurst v Irwell Springs 3-2; Bolton Wand v Bolton 3-0; Eagley bye; Oswestry v Wrexham 4-3; QUEEN’S PK. GLASGOW v Manchester 15-0; Northwich Vic v Davenham 5-1; Romford v Mosquitoes 3-1; Old Westminsters v Hendon 2-1; Brentwood bye; Reading v West End 1-0; Old Foresters v Old Carthusians 7-2; Upton Pk bye; Swifts v Gt Marlow 2-0; Clapham R v Rochester 7-0; Old Wykehamists v Windsor 1 -0

Third Round

Notts Co v Grantham 4—1; Staveley v Lockwood Brothers 1 —0; Wednesbury T v Derby Midland 1 -0; Aston Villa v Wednesbury Old Ath 7-4; BLACKBURN R v Padiham 3-0; Blackburn Olympic bye; PNE v Eagley 9-1; Bolton Wand v Irwell Springs 8-1; QUEEN’S PK. GLASGOW v Oswestry 7-1; Northwich Vie bye; Brentwood v Romford 4-1; Old Westminsters bye; Upton Pk v Reading 6-1; Old Forester’s bye; Swifts v Clapham R 2-1; Old Wykehamists bye

Fourth Round

Upton Pk v PNE 1-1 (PNE disqualified); QUEEN’S PK. GLASGOW v Aston Villa 6-1; Northwich Vic v Brentwood 3-0; Notts Co v Bolton Wand 2-2. 2-1; BLACKBURN R v Staveley 5-1; Blackburn Olympic v Old Wykehamists 6-0; Swifts v Old Foresters 2-1; Old Westminsters v Wednesbury T 5-0

Fifth Round

QUEEN’S PK, GLASGOW v Old Westminsters 1 -0; BLACKBURN R v Upton Pk 3-0; Notts Co v Swifts 1-1,1-0; Blackburn Olympic v Northwich Vic 9-0

1884 FA Cup Semi-Finals

QUEEN’S PARK, GLASGOW v Blackburn Olympic 4-0; BLACKBURN ROVERS v Notts Co 1 -0

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