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1912 fa cup final

1912 FA Cup Final: Barnsley Defeat WBA 1-0 In Match Replay

1912 FA Cup Final Score: Barnsley 0 West Bromwich Albion 0

FA Cup Venue: Crystal Palace, London

Date: Saturday 20th April 1912

Attendance: 54,556

1912 FA Cup Replay Final Score: Barnsley 1 West Bromwich Albion 0

FA Cup Replay Venue: Bramall Lane, Sheffield

Replay Date: Wednesday 24th April 1912

Barnsley Team: Jack Cooper, Dickie Downs, Archie Taylor, Bob Glendinning, Philip Bratley, George Utley, Wilfred Bartrop, Harry Tuffnell, George Lillycrop, George Travers, Jimmy Moore.

West Bromwich Albion Team: Hubert Pearson, Arthur Cook, Jesse Pennington, George Baddeley, Fred Buck, Bobby McNeal, Claude Jephcott, Harry Wright, Bob Pailor, Sid Bowser, Ben Shearman

Barnsley Football Club Scorer: Harry Tufnell)

Referee: J. R. Schumacher

Attendance: 38,555

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1912 FA Cup Final Replay Match Report

The FA Cup stayed in Yorkshire for another season as Second Division Barnsley, losing finalists in 1910, beat West Bromwich Albion after a draw. So it was the third year running that the FA Cup Final had been drawn. Strange when one realizes that it was fifty-eight years before it was drawn again.

In the second game in Sheffield, the score sheet was still blank at the end of standard time. Then, two minutes from the end of extra time, Bob Glendinning, the Barnsley right-half, beat two opponents and pushed a pass forward to Harry Tuffnell, his inside-right.

The Barnsley inside forward went on a long dribble through the West Bromwich Albion ranks, finally evading defenders Jesse Pennington and Arthur Cook. Hubert Pearson came off his line to narrow the angle but could not prevent Tufnell from scoring the 1912 FA Cup final replay winner.


Stamina Wins The Final

With their victory, Barnsley became the third team from the Second Division to lift the FA Cup. They won it because of their stamina throughout the competition, especially in their fourth-round tie with Bradford City.

The match had been a four-game marathon lasting seven hours. Barnsley’s superb defense conceded just four goals in twelve FA Cup matches.

Albion played seven games in ten days at the end of the season due to their cup run and several postponements. A match at Everton occurred between the 1912 FA Cup final and the replay on 22 April.

When the players returned by motor vehicle to Barnsley, the crowd s on the streets cheered the players and the cup.

1912 fa cup winners medal

The First 1912 FA Cup Final

The initial 1912 FA Cup Final held in Crystal Palace was a boring 0-0 result. However, Barnsley entered the match to nullify the West Bromwich strikers by playing man-to-man marking through the final. This work and got themselves a replay up north.

Hubert Pearson and his son Horace

Hubert Pearson

What West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper Hubert Pearson failed to succeed that day, his son Harold gained some twenty years later as Albion’s goalkeeper when they beat Birmingham City at Wembley in 1931. Hubert played his whole at WBA over 18 seasons. He was picked once for the England national team at age 37 but missed his opportunity through injury.

harry tufnell barnsley

Harry Tufnell

During the 1910 and 1912 FA Cup Finals, the Burton-born inside forward played for Barnsley. In both finals, he scored. A total of 71 goals were scored for Barnsley in 128 games during his Yorkshire career. After retiring from playing, he managed Wakefield City and Doncaster Rovers and served on Oldham Athletic’s coaching staff.

barnsley team returning after winning the fa cup

1912 FA Cup Qualifying Rounds

First Round

Manchester Utd v Huddersfield T 3-1; Southampton v Coventry C 0-2; Aston Villa v Walsall 6-0; Southport v Reading 0-2; Blackburn R v Norwich City 4-1; Derby County v Newcastle United 3-0; Watford v Wolves 0-0, 0-10; Lincoln City v Stockport Co 2-0; WEST BROMWICH ALBION v Tottenham Hotspur 3-0; Leeds City v Glossop 1 -0; Sunderland v Plymouth Argyle 3-1; Brentford v Crystal Palace 0-0. 0-4; Fulham v Burnley 2-1; Liverpool v Leyton 1 -0; Northampton Town v Bristol City 1 -0; Darlington v Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1; Swindon Town v Sutton Junction 5-0; Luton v Notts County 2-4; West Ham v Gainsborough Trinity 2-1; Middlesbrough v Sheffield Wednensday 0-0, 2-1; Clapton Orient v Everton 1 -2; Bury v Millwall Athletic 2-1; Oldham Athletic v Hull City 1-1, 1-0; Preston North End v Manchester City 0-1; Queens Park Rangers v Bradford C 0-0,0-4; Chelsea v Sheffield United 1-0; Nottingham Forest v Bradford PA 0-1; Bristol Rovers v Portsmouth 1-2; Birmingham v BARNSLEY 0-0, 1 -3; Croydon Common v Leicester Fosse 2-2, 1-6; Bolton Wanderers v Woolwich Arsenal 1 -0; Crewe Alexander v Blackpool 1-1, 1-2.

1912 Barnsley team colors

Second Round

Coventry C v Man Utd 1-5; Aston Villa v Reading 1-1,0-1; Derby Co v Blackburn R 1-2; Wolves v Lincoln C 2-1; Leeds C v WEST BROMWICH ALBION 0-1; Crystal Palace v Sunderland 0-0, 0-1; Fulham v Liverpool 3-0; Darlington v Northampton T 1 -1, 0-2; Swindon T v Notts Co 2-0; Middlesbro v W Ham 1-1,1-2; Everton v Bury 1 -1. 6-0; Manchester C v Oldham Ath 0-1; Bradford C v Chelsea 2-0; Bradford PA v Portsmouth 2-0; BARNSLEY v Leicester Fosse 1 -0; Bolton Wand v Blackpool 1 -0

Third Round

Reading v Man Utd 1 -1, 0-3; Blackburn R v Wolves 3-2; Sunderland v WEST BROMWICH ALBION 1 -2; Fulham v Northampton T 2-1; W Ham v Swindon T 1 -1, 0-4; Oldham Ath v Everton 0-2; Bradford PA v Bradford C 0-1; Bolton Wand v BARNSLEY 1-2

1912 west browich albion team colors

Fourth Round

Man Utd v Blackburn R 1 -1, 2-4; WEST BROMWICH ALBION v Fulham 3-0; Swindon T v Everton 2-1; BARNSLEY v Bradford C 0-0,0-0, 0-0,3-2

1912 FA Cup Semi-Finals

Blackburn Rovers v WEST BROMWICH ALBION 0-0, 0-1; Swindon Town v BARNSLEY 0-0, 0-1