Advertise On A Sports Website

Advertise To Increase Your Companies Visibility and Sales

Online advertising provides a visibility boost to your brand and products. 

Your products or services can appear in highly visible placements.

Pay only for the impressions your ads receive.

The History Of Soccer website is 14 months old.  In October 2022, it has received 36,000 people visit the website. 

We are looking to find a long term partner who is interested in online advertising to our demographics.  For 1.5 cents per visitor ($15 per 1000 visitors), you can display your advertising message on every page of the website.

We can provide you the following if you wish to advertise:

1. Native Placements Within Each Article

2. Fixed Large Sidebar And Bottom Of Page Ad (desktop only)

3. Exit Pop (so you capture names and email addresses)

4. Place Your Facebook Pixel On Our Website (so you can retarget our traffic)

For Quotations for Our Marketing Package, Soccer Guest Posts, or Backlinks (Link Insertions)

Contact the Advertise team:

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