Our Mission

Editorial Mission

Our editorial mission at History Of Soccer is, to tell the truth, unbiased. This can be achieved through honest and independent journalism that reaches engaged audiences that reject sham and pretense in favor of truth and authenticity.
Understanding the world of our readers’ guides our work. In addition to informing, debunking, challenging, provocating, untangling, and amusing, we strive to tell the truth as we see it. We will write with honesty and transparency, using intellect and boldness.

Fact-Checking Policy

We at History Of Soccer strive to make sure that our words, headlines, and URLs are clear and precise, and we act accordingly. All information gathered and written by our writers and editors must be verified, at all times. A name, a location, a factual statement, and an account related to the content are all considered identifying information. According to our ethics policy, writers do their own fact-checking using their own judgment and information.

Error Correction Policy

By adopting a policy of error correction, we commit to correcting errors in a comprehensive, transparent, and public way.
Editing means that the original version that contained the error is replaced with the edited version. Notes are attached with every article, and those changes are clearly explained.