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This journey is commencing at the start of the 2021-22 season. We are starting at the bottom of the pyramid, and our focus is to strive for the top of the Premiership. Within the next five years, the team is focused on becoming the world’s leading provider on the history of this great game.

Like you, we are soccer fanatics based all around the world. We give up our time to give back to the soccer community. Therefore, we are looking to expand the scope of the site. Plans include detailing the history of professional and amateur clubs from around the globe.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about HistoryOfSoccer.

Here are two ways to help us in becoming the No.1 Soccer History website.

Option 1: Join our team and contribute your knowledge, facts, or photos/images. Our contributors come from UK, USA, Thailand, India, Australia, and Italy.  We are looking to expand this list.

Option 2: Share one of our articles via social media or between your friends

We abide by the Writers’ Code of Practice. Furthermore, we’re committed to upholding the highest standards of soccer journalism. If you feel we have not met those standards, contact first11@historyofsoccer.info.

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