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5 Footballers Who Perfected the Art of Heading

In the skillful game of football, the art of heading is an aspect that separates the excellent from the good. One would initially think players’ heights have a competitive edge over defenders. However, when delving into this article, tallness is not always crucial.

There are many honorable moments when it comes down to the history of football. Players using their heads at the right time, in the right way, have raised the bar – these top 5 players prove just that:

Javier Hernandez’s Headed Triumphs

Going head first is Javier Hernandez. Despite having a relatively modest height of 5-foot 7-inches (compared to other players on the pitch), Hernandez, better known as Chichartio, has an iconic approach when heading a football into the goal.

In 2010, the Mexican’s risky backward header against Stoke City was one to remember, as were all of his 53 goals in the box during Premier League matches. Only one player has beaten him regarding the number of goals scored from the box, and that person goes by the famous name of Tim Cahill.

Chichartio has served terms with some of the world’s most famous football clubs, including West Ham United, Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen, LA Galaxy, and Real Madrid, partaking in 540 career games, shooting a whopping 205 goals in total.

Nevertheless, the footballers goal-scoring for Mexico alone are worth mentioning, racking up 52 goals during 109 jaw-dropping international experiences, making him the country’s leading football scorer, therefore, a legend.

John Charles’ Unmatched Transition

John Charles, aka ‘The Gentle Giant,’ stands tall not only at 6-foot 2-inches but in his football career, presenting continuous attacking prowess, speed, and strength, with a formidable force at headers worth mentioning.

Charles’ career soared once switching from defense to the front for Leeds United, tallying 11 goals in six matches while aged 17 alone. Throughout his time at Leeds, he has partaken in 327 games and achieved 154 goals, guiding the club to victory — into the First Division.

Other career highlights include eras with AS Roma, Juventus, Hereford Town, Cardiff City, and Merthyr Tydfil, scoring around 400 goals in more than 700 games.

Christian Vieri’s Series A Heading History

Christian Vieri is worth mentioning as the footballer with the highest record for the most number of headed goals in Serie A history.

Regardless of having to slow down due to injuries and age, Vieri’s mastery hasn’t faded. With a career in football excellence, he has played for Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and Lazio. He scored 123 goals during 190 matches at Inter alone and is known as one of Italy’s greatest strikers and the best of his generation.

The Record-Breaking Giant, Peter Crouch

What would an article about the best football headers in time without mentioning Peter Crouch? Making it into the Guinness World Records 2018 book due to scoring the most headed goals in the Premier League, Crouch topped even the likes of Alan Shearer with 51 iconic goals.

Throughout his 21 long football career, Crouch has scored more than 200 goals, making a lasting impression on British football fans as a consequence. Regardless of his lack of strength and pace compared to other players, his head and height of 6-foot-7 inches have led him to victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Header Mastery

Last but not least, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s best players in football history, has remarkable heading prowess.

The Portuguese football champion holds a mammoth 831 goals to his name since kick-starting his football career in 2002 – positioning himself as the top goalscorer of all time. Interestingly, 112 of these goals were scored with his head, earning him a spot among the greatest headers in football.

Unforgettable Football Icons

This selectively curated list of elite five headmasters in football history presents the skill, strength, and determination of all players mentioned.

All of these footballers’ talent in heading a ball to attain victory has left a mark on the enticing game, setting the bar for generations to come.

As football continues to be spurred on by fandom, with the best global soccer betting sites increasing the sport’s presence,  it’s worth mentioning these state-of-the-art contributions and talents that such players have brought to the pitch, championing the sport head first.

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