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9 Underrated Female Soccer Players You Should Definitely Watch

There are many decent teams to be a fan of but some really interesting players out there definitely don’t get the attention and recognition they deserve. If you are into soccer and want to learn more about some hidden gems in different teams, check out the list of the nine underrated female players you definitely want to learn more about.

In fact, there are more but the list will go on much further. These players are rarely praised and you won’t be placing bets on them when you choose the best 5$ deposit casino with sports betting options. However, the steady and persistent performance these players have been demonstrating for years makes them valuable for their teams and impacts the success of the team in general.

So, in no particular order, find out more about these players…

Cho So-hyun

Country: Korea Republic

Age: 35

Team:  Women’s Championship club Birmingham City, the South Korean women’s national team

Position: Midfielder

Cho, the captain of the Korean team, is a player worth watching closely. She’s a smart defensive midfielder, excellent at keeping possession and playing a crucial role in both shielding the Korean defense and initiating attacks. Cho’s ability to anticipate the game is exceptional, and in the past year, the 26-year-old has also become a scoring threat.

Cho’s leadership and skillset contribute significantly to the Korean Republic’s chances of making an impact in the World Cup, making her a player to watch during the tournament.

Becky Sauerbrunn

Country: United States

Age: 38

Team:  United States women’s national soccer team

Position: Center back

In recent years, Sauerbrunn has earned the admiration of dedicated USA fans as an exceptional defender. Known for her strong positioning, skill in one-on-one situations, and ability in tackling, Sauerbrunn has risen to become the top defender for the USA.

Her ability to read the game, excel in individual duels, and lead from the back makes her a crucial asset to the team. Sauerbrunn is in her prime as a player and her performance is worthwhile watching.

Allysha Chapman

Country: Canada

Age: 35

Team: National Women’s Soccer League club Houston Dash, the Canada national team

Position: Left-back

Chapman demonstrates the saying “Persistence pays off.” When Canada needed a reliable left fullback, the 26-year-old seized the chance. Despite not being the fastest player, Chapman blends sturdy defense with forward runs to aid the attacking line.

Her ability to contribute defensively while also supporting the team’s attack highlights her versatility and commitment. This player is an important asset to the team and we are likely to see more of her talent.

Amandine Henry

Country: France

Age: 34

Team: French club Lille OSC

Position: Defensive midfielder

For a while, she’s been one of France’s hidden gems, but now she’s getting the recognition she deserves, especially after her outstanding display in France’s victory over the United States earlier this year.

Henry plays a crucial role as a defensive midfielder, providing the necessary cover. Though she’s not known for flashy plays, her relentless efforts in midfield often disrupt opponents’ attacks. Plus, every once in a while, she surprises everyone with a stunning goal. Henry seems to be an even player who can still pleasantly surprise her fans from time to time.

Anja Mittag

Country: Germany

Age: 38

Team: RB Leipzig

Position: Striker, Player-coach

Mittag’s impressive track record with the German national team highlights her skill and contributions to the squad but she often doesn’t get the attention she deserves. She’s physically strong, clever with her runs, and has excellent finishing skills. Mittag is another dangerous German attacker who can make a significant impact on the game.

Despite the presence of other notable players, her physicality, intelligence in movement, and goal-scoring ability make her a valuable asset on the field.

Rocky Rodriguez

Country: Costa Rica

Age: 30

Team: Angel City FC

Position: Forward

Rocky Rodriguez, a key player in Portland’s midfield, showed her impressive skills during the 2020 Challenge Cup. She plays a significant role in boosting the Thorns’ attacking power, particularly alongside other standout teammates.

Rocky Rodriguez’s versatility and impact on both the local and global soccer scenes make her a valuable asset to the Portland Thorns. Her ability to control the midfield creating opportunities for other players is easy to underestimate but she provides an important basis for the whole team’s success.

Danielle van de Donk

Country: Netherlands

Age: 32

Team: French Division 1 Féminine club Lyon, the Netherlands national team

Position: Midfielder

Van de Donk is a player highly respected in her home country but hasn’t received much recognition internationally yet. As a hardworking midfielder with exceptional stamina, she possesses speed and technical skills. Van de Donk has the talent not only to spot crucial passes but also to execute them effectively in critical moments.

Van de Donk’s underrated status on the international stage doesn’t diminish her importance as a skilled midfielder. Her tireless work ethic, combined with her speed and technical abilities, are obviously crucial for the whole team.

Sarah Gregorius

Country: New Zealand

Age: 36

Team: AFC Amsterdam

Position: Striker

Despite her small stature at just 5 feet 2 inches, Gregorius faces high expectations and already boasts some impressive achievements. Her ability to excel despite her height showcases her determination and skill as a striker.

Her consistent presence in the national team underscores her importance to New Zealand’s line-up.

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