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The best soccer video games of all time

Nowadays, it appears there are an endless pool of video games to choose from, thanks to developing technology which permits the steady creation of video games with a variety of different themes. As soccer is one of the most favoured sports of all times, it is no surprise that soccer themed video games are incredibly popular even to this day. With this in mind, let’s examine the best soccer video games of all time to see if they are worth the hype.

Firstly, the history of soccer themed video games is both long and interesting, with roots that stem back to the 1970s. One of the earliest and most successful soccer themed video games is Sensible World Of Soccer released in 1994 by Amiga. What attracted many people to this game was its arcade like gameplay and innovative features which still intrigues many soccer fans today. The most exciting aspect of this game is the management features and player trading which were made even more exciting by the inclusion of a whopping 1500 teams and 27,000 players. This game not only paved the way for other popular soccer themed videos to come but it is still cherished by modern soccer fans who still regularly host leagues and events dedicated to it despite it being one of the older titles. Although not extremely advanced in terms of graphics and visuals, this game was still able to transport soccer fans and make them feel as though they are really playing in a game of soccer.

Another well received soccer themed video game is Championship Manager ’93 which actually laid the groundwork for what became known as Football Manager. This game was able to attract both gaming and soccer fans from all over the world thanks to its innovative football management simulations. In fact, it features the use of real player names, the Premier League, the ability to buy players from other leagues, and update disks that reflected players’ real-world performance throughout the season. It was one of the first games that allowed gamers to immersive themselves in  the behind the scenes aspects of soccer and not just the actual gameplay.

Of course, the FIFA video games have truly cemented a place for themselves in a list of the best soccer games of all time. FIFA 22 release in 2021 continued the stream of success for the FIFA series as it offers highly realistic gameplay, a vast range of teams, and countless modes to choose from allowing the FIFA legacy to continue but in a more modern fashion.

Soccer themed video games have been made even more popular with the existence of slots such as Megaway games. These types of soccer casino games have added depth to the experience of playing a soccer themed video game, with exciting visuals and thrilling bonus features that keep soccer fans engaged for a long time without getting bored,

Moreover, one of the best video games of all time is Super Mario Strikers released in 2005. As the Super Mario Bros. Franchise is already successful on a global scale, the venture into the world of soccer themed video games paid off for Nintendo with this fun and fast paced game. It has been received well especially by those soccer fans looking to play something different as it has a range of unique, thrilling features such as power-ups and special moves. It also found its place with those soccer fans who like to take their gaming experience seriously as it provides engaging gameplay with stunning visuals that keep players engaged for a long time.

Furthermore, in 2001, Virtua Striker was released which is an arcade themed football game released by Sega. This game is renowned for its flashy graphics as well as its straight forward gameplay which engages both new and experienced gamers. What makes this game so exciting for soccer fans is the fact that it doesn’t require them to think too much about strategies or the moves they are going to make during the came. Therefore, it’s perfect for casual players who simply want to relax and have fun. However, it also has other features which appeal to those advanced players who are looking a challenge.

Ultimately, with soccer themed video games more popular than ever, it is no surprise that more and more games of this sort are being released to compete with the original soccer video games. From older soccer themed video games such as Sensible World of Soccer and Championship Manager ’93 to more modern games such as FIFA 22, the world of gaming has been transformed in recent years thanks to new technologies. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the public interest in soccer and playing soccer themed video games which is something that will endure for a long time to come.

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