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2014 world cup final

2014 World Cup Final: Mario Gotze Scores Extra Time Strike

The match hero Mario Gotze, came off the bench to score the title goal in the very last minutes of the 2014 World Cup final against Argentina.

Germany needed 113 minutes to earn the fourth World Cup title. Mario Götze came off the bench to become the German hero of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil final match at the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro.

The attacking midfielder came off the bench in the final minutes of regulation time to make history in the second half of overtime. The 2014 World Cup final was dominated by the Germans, who repeated their quick-pass strategy against Argentina throughout the World Cup.

But Messi’s team brought danger on the breakthroughs, leveraging the opportunities to pry open the German defense but failing to convert them into goals.

In the final minutes of the second half of extra time, with penalties already looking a certainty, Mario Gotze doubled as a striker. He guaranteed the German frenzy at the Maracana stadium.

With the fourth title, the winner Germany now joins Italy for the exclusive club of four-time champions, now only one title behind Brazil.

german soccer player klose with world cup trophy and his sons

First Half Of The 2014 World Cup Final

Germany dominated possession in the opening minutes, but the first shot on goal came from the finalist Argentina. In a fast-paced breakthrough, Gonzalo Higuaín invaded the right flank and curled a shot, giving goalkeeper Manuel Neuer a scare.

With a tight-knit defense, the South Americans continued to bet on breaks from the right flank, circling Benedikt Höwedes.

Joachim Löw had to make his first substitution before halftime, as Kramer suffered a blow to the head and had to be replaced with Andre Schürrle. The player would soon be needed.

Müller tore down from the left flank and passed to Germany’s number 9 in the midfield, who struck a beautiful volley and forced Sergio Romero into a great save.

phililp lahm

Second Half Of The 2014 World Cup Final

The South Americans returned a different team from break time, advancing the defense and maintaining possession for longer.

Alejandro Sabella also made changes to his team, substituting Sergio Aguero with Ezequiel Lavezzi. Lionel Messi almost opened the score sheet in the 46th minute.

He received a great pass from the left flank inside the box and curled a shot that went inches from Manuel Neuer’s crossbar. Germany gradually recovered the field of play but could not bring danger to Sergio Romero’s goalpost.

The Europeans would pass the ball around the Argentine box, but the South Americans were tightly knit and would not allow the ball to come in.

In the 74th minute of the 2014 World Cup Final, Messi again brought peril to Neuer’s turf. The former FC Barcelona star received the ball on the right flank, charged up the edge of the box, and hit a poisonous left-foot shot, but the ball went right of the goalpost.

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Shortly after, Gonzalo Higuaín was replaced by fellow striker Rodrigo Palacio. Now more focused on the attack, the Germans hit hard in the 81st minute.

Mesut Özil made a great play down the right flank, sidestepped to the left foot, and nudged a perfect pass to Toni Kroos. Germany’s no.18 made a resounding fumble of the shot, sending the ball slowly and irrevocably off-target.

Argentina made its last substitution five minutes before the end of regulation time. Then, Enzo Perez left the match to make way for defensive midfielder Fernando Gago. Joachim Löw also brought change to Germany, removing Klose from the pitch to be replaced by Mario Götze.

Visibly tired and already preparing for overtime, the two teams refrained from venturing too far in the final minutes of regulation time. As a result, the goalless score remained until the referee’s final whistle.

2014 world cup

Extra Time Of Germany vs Argentina Final

The German went on an all-out assault against the Argentines in extra time of the 2014 World Cup Final, bringing more danger to the Argentine box than ever but leaving more room for breaks.

Schürrle forced Sergio Romero into an incredible save right in the first minute, taking advantage of a quick play from the left flank, but in the 6th minute, it was Rodrigo Palacio’s turn to raise hairs at the defense.

He received the ball from behind the defense, chested it down, and tried to dispatch it past Manuel Neuer, but the ball rolled out. The decisive play would only come in the 22nd minute of overtime, from the feet of two players who had not been in the official line-up.

Andre Schürrle tore down through the left flank and made a laser-focused cross to Götze. Germany’s 19 chested the ball masterfully and struck a fantastic volley to put the Europeans ahead.

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It was only Mario Gotze’s second goal for Germany in the 2014 World Cup, but the Germans will be hard-pressed to find a more important one this side of the last ten years.

In desperation, the Argentines hit any ball straight into the box, scraping for a last-minute saving goal. But there was little time left, and Germany’s tall defense kept any danger at bay.

The result is history: Germany won the 2014 World Cup Final after 24 years and holds the coveted title of four-time event champion. More than one billion fans tuned in to watch the final of the 2014 football mundial and watch Phillipp Lahm lift the trophy for champions Germany.

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