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Wiener Derby History

Wiener Derby: SK Rapid Wien vs FK Austria Wien

SK Rapid Vienna and Austria Vienna have met in the league 295 times. The two sides have won more national titles and cups together than any other Austrian club. The History Of Soccer turns the spotlight on the long-running battle for bragging rights in the Austrian capital. The term Wiener Derby (also known as the Vienna Derby) first came into use in the 1950s whenever the two leading clubs from the stately city of 1.7 million inhabitants crossed swords.

The Origins

The intense Wiener derby rivalry between the clubs dates right back to their foundations. SK Rapid Wien was formed in 1898 as a working-class club on the city’s outskirts. In contrast, FK Austria Wien traditionally represented the bourgeois city center elite, even incorporating a minimum intelligence requirement in their founding statutes.

However, the municipal district of Hietzing provided a home to both Wiener derby clubs, leading to stirring emotions and a vital element of passion associated with games between Rapid and Austria from the very earliest times. Rapid were perennial championship contenders from the start, but it took Austria until the mid-1920s to collect their first league crown.

However, as of the very first meeting, a 4-1 Rapid victory on 8 September 1911, it was clear that more was at stake for both clubs than mere league points.

Facts And Figures Of The Wiener Derby

Taking every game ever played, the Vienna rivals have met more than 400 times in the Wiener derby. Some 329 of those matches were competitive, in the league, the cup, or the Supercup. Overall, the Greens of Rapid Wien currently have the edge over the Violets of Austria. (SK Rapid Wien 137, FK Austria Wien 117, Draws 75)

SK Rapid Wien holds the record for the longest winning streak in the Wiener derby, though it dates back to the period between 1911 and 1917 when it won 11 consecutive league matches. On the other hand, the Greens’ longest undefeated run occurred between 25 May 1996 and 9 May 2000, a 17-game series where SK Rapid Wien avoided losing to their bitter rivals. However, FK Austria Wien also boasts a 17-derby unbeaten run, from 12 August 2001 to 6 August 2005.

Unusually for a Wiener derby, the Viennese variety has often produced many goals. The most significant margin of victory in the early days was Rapid’s thumping 9-0 win in 1916. FK Austria Wien ran up a bizarre 8-4 success in 1929/30, but Rapid turned the tables ten years later with a 9-2 triumph. In the wartime meeting of 1942/43, SK Rapid Wien reached double figures in a 10-1 romp, while the highest-scoring game after 1930 saw the Greens edge out the Violets by a remarkable 7-5 in the 1950/51 campaign.

Since the 1968/69 season, the pair have met in 150 competitive fixtures. FK Austria Wien has won 56 to SK Rapid’s 45, with 49 draws.

Tales Of Wiener Derbies

With so much prestige at stake and so much passion invested in the clashes, it comes as no surprise to discover a fair number of sendings-off over the years. Even renowned players, including Austria legend Matthias Sindelar and Rapid’s Franz Bimbo Binder, have received their marching orders in this fixture.

Matthias Sindelar, who is to this day considered one of the best players to represent the Alpine Republic, was dismissed after clipping Rapid’s Johan Luef in the ear for the first time in his illustrious career. In a derby, Binder also took his only early bath. However, the incident had little impact in the grand scheme of things, as the referee abandoned the match with Austria 5-0 in front, as the Greens were down to their last five outfield players.

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