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Yasuhiko Okudera: Japan’s First Overseas Soccer Player

In 1977, Yasuhiko Okudera made history when he signed for Cologne, thus becoming the first Japanese player to play professional soccer in Europe when the game was still amateur in Japan.

We examine the soccer career of the first Asian football player to score in the European Cup, as well as his transition to life in Germany and his ambitions for Japanese football.

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Japanese Soccer Player

Yasuhiko Okudera earned his move to Cologne by making a name for himself with Furukawa Electric in the corporate Japan Soccer League. The midfielder knew it would be a tough challenge because it had not been long since West Germany won the 1974 World Cup, and the Bundesliga was one of the toughest leagues in the world.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do well there,” Yasuhiko Okudera said. “My first season was a real struggle, not so much in terms of style of play, but to adjust to the lifestyle. It wasn’t until my second season that I felt I had a handle on things.”

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Yasuhiko Okudera made an immediate impression with his pace and crossing on the soccer field. As a left-winger, he scored twice in the last two games of Cologne’s title race against Borussia Monchengladbach at the end of his first season.

A year later, the Japanese player scored in Cologne’s European Cup semi-final against eventual champions Nottingham Forest.

first japanese soccer player to play in europe

Yasuhiko Okudera Joins Werder Bremen

While playing out of position at right-back, Yasuhiko Okudera caught the eye of Werder Bremen coach Otto Rehhagel while playing for Cologne for three seasons.

“I was delighted to have been offered a contract at Bremen,” Yasuhiko Okudera said. “Otto Rehhagel told me I would be a right-back and that we would be playing a zonal defense: I had no idea what he was talking about. I would have to learn that since almost everyone else was using man-to-man marking.”

After five years in Germany, Yasuhiko Okudera was able to thrive in Werder’s colors. At Werder Bremen, Yasuhiko Okudera said he was at the top of his game. “Neither the language nor my environment presented any problems to me.

During his nine-year stay in Germany, Yasuhiko Okudera played 259 games and scored 34 goals. He returned to Furukawa Electric (now JEF United) in 1986 before hanging up his soccer boots two years later.

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Involved In The Game After Retirement

In 2013, he was appointed president and global ambassador of the English Championship side Plymouth Argyle. After returning to Japan, Yasuhiko Okudera spent time as president and general manager of the Japanese League second-tier team Yokohama FC.

Yasuhiko Okudera said that more Japanese who have played overseas should return to Japan and share their skills and knowledge. Japanese clubs have played in FIFA Club World Cups, but it’s hard for Japanese players to play against overseas teams regularly. If Japan were in Europe, we’d be a stronger football nation today.

Yasuhiko Okudera At End Of Career In 1988

Takehiro Tomiyasu and Take Kubo, for example, play in Europe, but Japanese club officials and players can learn a lot from overseas. So I want more Japanese people to know about soccer, and I want to help take Japanese soccer to the world.

These days, Yasuhiko Okudera works as a television commentator and is looking for Japan to play in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Not only was he a talented midfielder who scored goals, but the statesman will be remembered as the first Japanese footballer to leave his home country and apply his trade in Europe.

Yasuhiko Okudera first japanese player in germany

Yasuhiko Okudera Stats, Facts, And Figures

Full Name: Yasuhiko Okudera
Birthdate: 12/03/1952
Birthplace: Kazuno, Akita, Japan

Playing Career:

  • Furukawa Electric 1970–1977
  • FC Koln (Cologne) 1977–1980
  • Hertha BSC 1980–1981
  • Werder Bremen 1981–1986
  • Furukawa Electric 1986–1988

Total Appearances: 402 matches (73 goals)

National Team Career:

  • Japan National Team 1972–1987 (32 appearances, nine goals)

Managerial Career:

  • JEF United Ichihara 1996
  • Yokohama FC 2017

Playing Honors:

Furukawa Electric

  • 1976: Japan Soccer League Champions
  • 1976: Emperor’s Cup
  • 1977: Japanese Super Cup
  • 1986–87: Asian Club Championship Winners

1. FC Koln (Cologne)

  • 1978–79: European Cup Semi-finals
  • 1977–78: Bundesliga Champions
  • 1977–78: DFB-Pokal Winners

Individual Honors

  • 1976, 1986–87: Japan Soccer League Best Eleven
  • 2012: Japan Football Hall of Fame
  • 2014: Asian Football Hall of Fame

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