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FA Cup Winners: Complete Results From 1872 To Present Day

There have been 142 FA Cup winners of the Football Association Challenge Cup, as it was commonly known in the early years. A knockout competition in English football, the FA Cup is organized by and named after the Football Association (FA).

The competition has existed from 1871–72, making it the oldest existing football competition in the world. Every year, two billion viewers will watch the soccer match worldwide.

To qualify for the tournament, clubs must meet specific stadium requirements at their home stadiums in the top 10 divisions of the English football league system. As the showpiece finale of the English football season, the FA Cup Final is held at the end of the league season (on June 3rd, 2023).

FA Cup final in new wembley stadium


How Old Is The FA Cup

The FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world. It was first held in 1871-1872.

Who Won The First FA Cup

The first FA Cup final was held in 1872, and the competition was won by Wanderers FC, a team composed mainly of former public school students. The Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers 1-0 in the final, which was held at the Kennington Oval in London.

Where Is The FA Cup Final Played

In most cases, FA Cup Finals have been played in London: most of these have been played at the original Wembley Stadium, which closed in 2000. Kennington Oval, Crystal Palace, Stamford Bridge, and Lillie Bridge were used in London before 1923, as were Goodison Park in Liverpool, Fallowfield Stadium, and Old Trafford in Manchester.

While the new Wembley Stadium was under construction, the final was held at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium for six years (2001-2006). When the final ends in a draw, replays have been played on other grounds to determine the FA Cup winners over the years. Since 2007, the final has been held on the hallowed turf of the new Wembley Stadium.

How Many Teams Have Won The FA Cup

As of 2022, 43 teams have won the FA Cup. They are Wanderers, Oxford University, Royal Engineers, Old Etonians, Clapham Rovers, Old Carthusians, Blackburn Olympic, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion, Preston North End, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Notts County, The Wednesday (Now knowns as Sheffield Wednesday since 1929), Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, Bury, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Everton, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Bradford City, Barnsley, Burnley, Huddersfield Town, Bolton Wanderers, Cardiff City, Arsenal, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Derby County, Charlton Athletic, Blackpool, West Ham United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Leeds United, Southampton, Ipswich Town, Coventry City, Wimbledon and Wigan Athletic.

Wolverhampton Wanderers team that won the 1893 FA Cup

Early History Of The FA Cup Winners

Former London public schoolboys, the Wanderers, were the first FA Cup winners. In its first seven seasons, the Wanderers won the competition five times. Early FA Cup past winners were all wealthy amateur teams from the south of England. However, after defeating Old Etonians in 1883, Blackburn Olympic became the first team from the north to win the cup.

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At the same time, professional teams began to dominate the competition, quickly eroding the prominence of amateur teams. The Football League was formed in 1888 by the leading professional clubs. There has been one FA Cup winner among non-league teams since then.

Tottenham Hotspur won the 1901 final, then of the Southern League, over Sheffield United, then of the Football League. Following Sheffield United’s success in the final a year later, the cup remained in the hands of Northern and Midland clubs until Tottenham won it again in 1921.

Sheffield United FA Winners 1915

Non-English Winners

The only non-English club to win the Football Association Challenge Cup was Cardiff City in 1927, despite playing in the English football league system. In the early years of the competition, Queens Park of Glasgow reached the final twice.

Aside from the 1914–15 season, when it was completed, and the 1939–40 season, abandoned during qualifying rounds, the competition did not occur during the First and Second World Wars.

During 1973-1980, English second-tier teams won unprecedented cups. The most recent cup victory by a team outside the top division was West Ham United’s in 1980, following Sunderland’s 1973 triumph.

The match would be replayed if there was a draw in the final until 1999. There has always been a penalty shootout in the final since then. In the FA Cup finals of 2005, 2006, and 2022, penalty shootouts were only required three times.

arsenal lifting the fa cup trophy for the 14th time

The Complete FA Cup Winners List

Here is a complete list of FA Cup winners from 1871-72 to the present day. We break down the FA Cup winners by year.

SeasonFA Cup WinnersFA Cup Runners UpMatch VenueOfficial Attendance
1871-72Wanderers 1Royal Engineers 0Kennington Oval2,000
1872–73Wanders 2Oxford University 0Lillie Bridge3,000
1873–74Oxford University 2Royal Engineers 0Kennington Oval2,000
1874-75Royal Engineers 1Old Etonians 1Kennington Oval2,000
1874-75 (Replay)Royal Engineers 3Old Etonians 0Kennington Oval3,000
1875-76Wanderers 1Old Etonians 1Kennington Oval3,500
1875-76 (Replay)Wanderers 3Old Etonians 0Kennington Oval1,500
1876-77Wanderers 2Oxford University 1Kennington Oval3,000
1877-78Wanderers 3Royal Engineers 1Kennington Oval4,500
1878-79Old Etonians 1Clapham Rovers 0Kennington Oval5,000
1879-80Clapham Rovers 1Oxford University 0Kennington Oval6,000
1880-81Old Carthusians 3Old Etonians 0Kennington Oval4,000
1881-82Old Etonians 1Blackburn Rovers 0Kennington Oval6,500
1882-83Blackburn Olympic 2Old Etonians 1Kennington Oval8,000
1883-84Blackburn Rovers 2Queens Park 1Kennington Oval4,000
1884-85Blackburn Rovers 2Queens Park 0
Kennington Oval12,5000
1885-86Blackburn Rovers 0West Bromwich Albion 0Kennington Oval15,000
1885-86 (Replay)Blackburn Rovers 2West Bromwich Albion 0Racecourse Ground
1886-87Aston Villa 2West Bromwich Albion 0Kennington Oval15,500
1887-88West Bromwich Albion 2Preston North End 1Kennington Oval19,000
1888-89Preston North End 3Wolverhamption Wanderers 0Kennington Oval22,000
1889-90Blackburn Rovers 6The Wednesday 1Kennington Oval20,000
1890-91Blackburn Rovers 3Notts County 0Kennington Oval23,000
1891-92West Bromwich Albion 3Aston Villa 0Kennington Oval32,810
1892-93Wolverhamption Wanderers 1Everton 0Fallowfield Stadium45,000
1893-94Notts County 4Bolton Wanderers 1Goodison Park37,000
1894-95Aston Villa 1West Bromwich Albion 0Crystal Palace42,560
1895-96The Wednesday 2Wolverhampton Wanderers 1Crystal Palace48,836
1896-97Aston Villa 3Everton 2Crystal Palace65,891
1897-98Nottingham Forest 3Derby County 1Crystal Palace62,017
1898-99Sheffield United 4Derby County 1Crystal Palace73,833
1899-1900Bery 4Southampton 0Crystal Palace68,945
1900-01Tottenham Hotspur 2Sheffield United 2Crystal Palace1110,820
1900-01 (Replay)Tottenham Hotspur 3Sheffield United 1Burnden Park20,470
1901-02Sheffield United 1Southampton 1Crystal Palace76,914
1901-02 (Replay)Sheffield United 2Southampton 1Crystal Palace33,068
1902-03Bury 6Derby County 0Crystal Palace63,102
1903-04Manchester City 1Bolton Wanderers 0Crystal Palace61,374
1904-05Aston Villa 2Newcastle United 0Crystal Palace101,117
1905-06Everton 1Newcastle United 0Crystal Palace75,609
1906-07The Wednesday 2Everton 1Crystal Palace84,594
1907-08Wolverhampton Wanderers 3Newcastle United 1Crystal Palace74,697
1908-09Manchester United 1Bristol City 0Crystal Palace71,401
1909-10Newcastle United 1Barnsley 1Crystal Palace77,747
1909-10 (Replay)Newcastle United 2Barnsley 0Goodison Patk69,000
1910-11Bradford City 0Newcastle United 0Crystal Palace69,068
1910-11 (Replay)Bradford City 1Newcastle United 0Old Trafford 58,000
1911-12Barnsley 0West Bromwich Albion 0Crystal Palace54,556
1911-12 (Replay)Barnsley 1West Bromwich Albion 0Bramall Lane38,555
1912-13Aston Villa 1Sunderland 0Crystal Palace121,919
1913-14Burnley 1Liverpool 0Crystal Palace72,778
1914-15Sheffield United 3Chelsea 0 Old Trafford
1919-20Aston Villa 1Huddersfield Town 0Stamford Bridge50,018
1920-21Tottenham Hotspur 1Wolverhampton Wanderers 0Stamford Bridge72,805
1921-22Huddersfield Town 1Preston North End 0 Stamford Bridge53,000
1922-23Bolton Wanderers 2West Ham United 0Old Wembley Stadium126,047
1923-24Newcastle United 2Aston Villa 0Old Wembley Stadium91,695
1924-25Sheffield United 1Cardiff City 0Old Wembley Stadium91,763
1925-26 Bolton Wanderers 1Manchester City 0Old Wembley Stadium91,447
1926-27Cardiff City 1Arsenal 0Old Wembley Stadium91,206
1927-28Blackburn Rovers 3Huddersfield Town 1Old Wembley Stadium92,041
1928-29Bolton Wanderers 2Portsmouth 0Old Wembley Stadium92,576
1929-30Arsenal 2Huddersfield Town 0Old Wembley Stadium92,488
1930-31West Bromwich Albion 2Birmingham 1Old Wembley Stadium92,406
1931-32Newcastle United 2Arsenal 1Old Wembley Stadium92,298
1932-33Everton 3Manchester City 0Old Wembley Stadium92,950
1933-34Manchester City 2Portsmouth 1Old Wembley Stadium93,258
1934-35Sheffield United 4West Bromwich Albion 2Old Wembley Stadium93,204
1935-36Arsenal 1Sheffield United 0Old Wembley Stadium93,384
1936-37Sunderland 3Preston North End 1Old Wembley Stadium93,495
1937-38Preston North End 1Huddersfield Town 0Old Wembley Stadium93,497
1938-39Portsmouth 4Wolverhampton Wanderers 1Old Wembley Stadium99,370
1945-46Derby County 4Charlton Athletic 1Old Wembley Stadium98,000
1946-47Charlton Athletic 1Burnley 0Old Wembley Stadium99,000
1947-48Manchester United 4Blackpool 2Old Wembley Stadium99,000
1948-49Wolverhampton Wanderers 3Leicester City 1Old Wembley Stadium99,500
1949-50Arsenal 2Liverpool 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1950-51Newcastle United 2Blackpool 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1951-52Newcastle United 1Arsenal 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1952-53Blackpool 4Bolton Wanderers 3Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1953-54West Bromwich Albion 3Preston North End 2Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1954-55Newcastle United 3Manchester City 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1955-56Manchester City 3Birmingham City 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1956-57Aston Villa 2Manchester United 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1957-58Bolton Wanderers 2Manchester United 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1958 -59Nottingham Forest 2Luton Town 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1959-60Wolverhampton Wanderers 3Blackburn Rovers 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1960-61Tottenham Hotspur 2Leicester City 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1961-62Tottenham Hotspur 3Burnley 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1962-63Manchester United 3Leicester City 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1963-64West Ham United 2Leeds United 1
Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1964-65Liverpool 2Leeds United 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1965-66Everton 3Sheffield Wednesday 2Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1966-67Tottenham Hotspur 2Chelsea 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1967-68West Bromwich Albion 1Everton 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1968-69Manchester City 1Leicester City 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1969-70Chelsea 2Leeds United 2Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1969-70 (Replay)Chelsea 2Leeds United 1
Old Trafford 62,078
1970-71Arsenal 2Liverpool 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1971-72Leeds United 1Arsenal 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1972-73Sunderland 1Leeds United 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1973-74Liverpool 3Newcastle United 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1974-75West Ham United 2Fulham 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1975-76Southampton 1Manchester United 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1976-77Manchester United 2Liverpool 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1977-78Ipswich Town 1Arsenal 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1978-79Arsenal 3Manchester United 2Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1979-80West Ham United 1Arsenal 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1980-81Tottenham Hotspur 1Manchester City 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1980-81 (Replay)Tottenham Hotspur 3Manchester City 2Old Wembley Stadium92,000
1981-82Tottenham Hotspur 1Queens Park Rangers 1Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1981-82 (Replay)Tottenham Hotspur 1Queens Park Rangers 0Old Wembley Stadium90,000
1982-83Manchester United 2Brighton & Hove Albion 2Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1982-83 (Replay)Manchester United 4Brighton & Hove Albion 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1983-84Everton 2Watford 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1984-85Manchester United 1Everton 0Old Wembley Stadium100,000
1985-86Liverpool 3Everton 1Old Wembley Stadium98,000
1986-87Coventry City 3Tottenham Hotspur 2Old Wembley Stadium98,000
1987-88Wimbledon 1Liverpool Old Wembley Stadium98,203
Liverpool 3Everton 2Old Wembley Stadium82,500
1989-90Manchester United 3Crystal Palace 3Old Wembley Stadium80,000
1989-90 (Replay)Manchester United 1Crystal Palace 0Old Wembley Stadium80,000
Tottenham Hotspur 2Nottingham Forest 1Old Wembley Stadium80,000
1991-92Liverpool 2Sunderland 0Old Wembley Stadium80,000
1992-93Arsenal 1Sheffield Wednesday 1Old Wembley Stadium79,347
1992-93 (Replay)Arsenal 2Sheffield Wednesday 1Old Wembley Stadium62,267
1993-94Manchester United 4Chelsea 0Old Wembley Stadium79,634
1994-95Everton 1Manchester United 0Old Wembley Stadium79,592
1995-96Manchester United 2Liverpool 0Old Wembley Stadium79,007
1996-97Chelsea 2Middlesborough 0Old Wembley Stadium79,160
1997-98Arsenal 2Newcastle United 0Old Wembley Stadium79,183
1998-99Manchester United 2Newcastle United 0Old Wembley Stadium79,101
1999-2000Chelsea Aston VillaOld Wembley Stadium78,217
2000-01Liverpool 2Arsenal 1Millennium Stadium72,500
2001-02Arsenal 2Chelsea 0Millennium Stadium73,963
2002-03Arsenal 1Southampton 0Millennium Stadium73,726
2003-04Manchester United 3Millwall 0Millennium Stadium71.350
2004-05Arsenal 0 (5) penManchester United 0 (4)Millennium Stadium71,876
2005-06Liverpool 3 (3) penWest Ham 3 (1)Millennium Stadium71,140
2006-07Chelsea 1Manchester United 0New Wembley Stadium89,826
2007-08Portsmouth 1Cardiff City 0New Wembley Stadium89,874
2008-09Chelsea 2Everton 1New Wembley Stadium89,391
2009-10Chelsea 1Stoke city New Wembley Stadium88,643
2010-11Manchester City 1Stoke City 0New Wembley Stadium89,041
2011-12Chelsea 2Liverpool 1New Wembley Stadium86,254
2012-13Wigan Athletic 1Manchester City 0New Wembley Stadium89,345
2013-14Arsenal 3Hull city 2New Wembley Stadium89,283
2014-15Arsenal 4Aston Villa 0New Wembley Stadium88,619
2015-16Manchester United 2Crystal Palace 1New Wembley Stadium89,472
2016-17Arsenal 2Chelsea 1New Wembley Stadium89,472
2017-18Chelsea 1Manchester United 0New Wembley Stadium87,647
2018-19Manchester City 6Watford 0New Wembley Stadium85,854
2019-20Arsenal 2Chelsea 1New Wembley Stadium0
2020-21Leicester City 1Chelsea 0New Wembley Stadium20,000
2021-22Liverpool 0 (6) penChelsea 0 (5)New Wembley Stadium84,807
2022-23Manchester City 2Manchester United 1New Wembley Stadium83,179

Who Has The Most FA Cup Wins

Arsenal Football Club currently leads the way with 14 FA Cup titles to its name, the most recent win having come in 2020. They have appeared in 21 finals.

Their first win was in the 1929-30 season. Since then, they have won the FA Cup in 1935–36, 1949–50, 1970–71, 1978–79, 1992–93, 1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2016–17, and 2019–20.

Manchester United has appeared in 20 FA Cup finals and raised the cup 12 times. Tottenham Hotspur has the best record, with eight wins from 9 FA Cup final appearances.

In 2022, Liverpool (15 appearances) joined Chelsea (16 appearances) and Tottenham Hotspurs on eight wins. Aston Villa has won the FA Cup seven times. Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, and Manchester City have lifted the cup six times each.

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The Wanderers appeared in 5 FA Cup finals and won the cup on each occasion. Everton and West Bromwich are also on five victories.

The Yorkshire teams have done well over the years. Sheffield United has four FA Cup final wins, and Sheffield Wednesday has three victories. Huddersfield Town, Bradford City, Barnsley, and Leeds United have won the cup once.

1907 FA Cup Final

Wolverhampton Wanderers and Bolton Wanderers have 4 cups. West Ham has three. Bury, Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth, Preston North End, Sunderland, and the non-existent Old Etonians have won the FA Cup final twice.

Leicester City, Ipswich Town, Notts County, Oxford University, Southampton, Clapham Rovers, Blackburn Olympic, Wigan Athletic, Coventry City, Royal Engineers, Wimbledon, Derby County, Burnley, Old Carthusians, Charlton Athletic, Blackpool, and Cardiff City have won the FA Cup final once.

Queens Park Rangers and Watford have played in two FA Cup finals each and have yet to win.

notts county team of the late 1800s

Clubs From Outside The Top Division To Win

Outside the top division winners:

Notts County – 1894 – Taking the trophy away from first division opposition, The Magpies became the first winners of the FA Cup outside the top flight to do so. When the semi-final draw was made, Notts were outsiders, but they surprised the odds by beating Blackburn in the last four and Bolton in the final.

Tottenham Hotspur – 1901 – The Southern League champions thrashed West Bromwich Albion 4-0 in the semi-final, with Sandy Brown scoring all the goals. After a replay with Sheffield United in the final, Tottenham became the first and only non-league side to win the FA Cup.

Wolverhampton Wanderers – 1908 – After finishing ninth in the second division of the Football League, they became the lowest-ranked club in the Football League to win the FA Cup trophy in the final.

notts county football club 1894 fa cup winning team

Barnsley – 1912 – Despite playing 12 fixtures and three extra-time matches to win the FA Cup trophy, Barnsley conceded just three goals. Barnsley Football Club was in the second division when they won the FA Cup and added their name to the FA Cup finals list.

West Bromwich Albion – 1931 – In the FA Cup final, West Bromwich Albion of the Football League Second Division beat local rivals Birmingham 2–1. As a result, the Baggies became the first and only club to win the cup and gain promotion simultaneously.

Sunderland – 1973 – Since West Bromwich Albion lifted the cup in 1931, they became the first Division Two team to become FA Cup champions. One of the biggest sporting shocks in English history is that Sunderland was the FA Cup winners, defeating the famous Leeds United team.

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Southampton – 1976 – After being relegated the season before, Southampton won 1–0 thanks to Bobby Stokes’ 83rd-minute goal. It was Southampton’s first major trophy victory and the Queen’s last visit to a FA Cup final trophy presentation.

West Ham United – 1980 – The last team from outside the top flight to win the FA Cup is West Ham United. After finishing fourth in the First Division and having been in the previous two finals, Arsenal were overwhelming favorites before Trevor Brooking headed the ball home for a famous 1-0 victory..

lifting the championsl league trophy

What Do FA Cup Winners Qualify For?

This seems to change each year. In 2022, The rules were:

  • Champions League group stages are reserved for the top four teams in the Premier League.
  • The fifth-place finisher and the FA Cup winner qualify for the Europa League group stage.
  • Winners of the Carabao Cup qualify for the Europa Conference League playoffs.

In light of Liverpool’s FA Cup victory (but they finished second, so they qualified for the Champions League before the FA Cup final), their Europa League qualifying spot will be handed over to the Premier League team who comes in second without qualifying.

In this case, it was the other FA Cup finalist Chelsea. However, they had also pre-qualified for next season’s Champions League finishing third in the Premier League. The Europa League group stage spot ends up going to Manchester United, who finished 6th in the league at the end of the season.

ashley cole

Who Receives A FA Cup Winners Medal?

Back in the day, only the players starting the match and on the bench would receive a FA Cup winners medal. The manager would also receive a medal. In 2022, the FA provided 40 medals to the winning team to distribute between the players used throughout the tournament and the coaching staff.

Ashley Cole (7 times) holds the record for winning the FA Cup most often, with Arsenal in 2002, 2003, and 2005, and Chelsea in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2012. Charles Wollaston (Wanderers), Arthur Kinnaird (Wanderers & Old Etonians), and Jimmy Forrest (Blackburn Rovers) all won 5 FA Cup winners medals

As a manager, Arsène Wenger (7 times) holds the record for most FA Cup wins with Arsenal (in 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2014, 2015, and 2017).


How Much Money Do FA Cup Winners Get?

In 2022, the winner, Liverpool Football Club, received £3,412,000.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Third Round Victory: £82,000
  • Fourth Round Victory: £90,000
  • Fifth Round Victory: £180,000
  • Quarter Final Victory: £360,000
  • Semi-Final Victory: £900,000
  • FA Cup Final winners: £1,800,000

As runners-up, Chelsea would receive £2,512,000 as they only receive £900,000 for long the final. This does not include the gate receipts and tv revenue the clubs would have received in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds and quarter-finals.

Kasper and Peter Schmeichel

Father And Son FA Cup Duos

David Herd and his father, Alec, were the first father-son duo to win the FA Cup.

Ian Wright and Shaun Wright-Phillips were the second father-son duo to win the FA Cup.

Peter and Kasper Schmeichel became the third father-son duo and the first soccer goalies to win the FA Cup.

Lucas Bergström in his chelsea youth fa cup team photo

FA Youth Cup Winners

Under-18 English football teams compete in The Football Association Youth Challenge Cup. To qualify, a player must be 15 to 18 years old on 31 August of the current season. Following the success of The FA County Youth Cup developed seven years earlier, The FA Youth Cup was established in 1952.

An idea for a youth cup was conceived by Sir Joe Richards, the late Football League President. When he first presented the idea to the league clubs, they weren’t enthusiastic; Richards took his vision to the Football Association, which liked it, and the competition was created.

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The FA Youth Cup has been won by Manchester United 11 times, with the last win coming in 2022. Chelsea has won the FA Cup nine times, seven of them in the 2010s. Arsenal’s youth team has won seven trophies.

Several top British players have used the tournament as a stepping stone to the pro game. Some of the most notable FA Youth Cup winners players include Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge, Theo Walcott, Gareth Bale, Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard, Gary Neville, John Barnes, Michael Owen, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney and George Best.


2022/23 FA Cup Schedule

Now that the FA Cup has officially kicked off for the 2022/23 season, hundreds of football clubs throughout the UK will dream of money-spinner ties against Premier League giants. Liverpool Football Club is the current FA Cup holders.

In the earliest preliminary round at the start of August, the FA Cup officially began on the same weekend as the Premier League pitting non-league teams against each other.

In the first round proper at the start of November, teams from the bottom two league divisions in England – League One and League Two – compete against non-league minnows after playing six qualifying rounds.

Although the greatest giant killings occur at the start of January, there are always memorable upsets at that stage. Twenty Premier League teams and 24 Championship clubs begin their FA Cup campaigns in January 2023.

The final day of the English domestic season, June 3, is traditionally considered a showpiece. To find the best betting offers to claim during this season’s FA Cup competition, visit bettingbonus.com/uk.

RoundDate (weekend of)
Extra Preliminary RoundAug. 6, 2022
Preliminary RoundAug. 20, 2022
First Round Qualifying Sept. 3, 2022
Second Round Qualifying Sept. 17, 2022
Third Round Qualifying Oct. 1, 2022
Fourth Round Qualifying Oct. 15, 2022
First Round Proper Nov. 5, 2022
Second Round Nov. 26, 2022
Third Round Jan. 7, 2023
Fourth Round Jan. 28, 2023
Fifth Round Mar. 1, 2023
Quarter Finals
Mar. 18, 2023
Semi Finals Apr. 22, 2023
FA Cup Final Jun. 3, 2023

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