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1883 fa cup final - old etonians vs blackburn olympic

1883 FA Cup Final: Blackburn Olympic 2 Old Etonians 1

1883 FA Cup Final Result: Blackburn Olympic 2 Old Etonians 1

Venue: Kennington Oval – Saturday 31st March 1883

Scorers: Blackburn Olympic – (Costley, Matthews), Old Etonians (Goodhart)

Blackburn Olympic Team: T. Hacking; J. T. Ward, S. A. Warburton; T. Gibson, W. Astley, J. Hunter; T. Dewhurst. A. Matthews, G. Wilson, J. Costley, J. Yates

Old Etonians: J. F. P. Rawlinson; T. H. French, P. J. de Paravicini; Hon. A. F. Kinnaird, C. W. Foley, J. B. T. Chevallier; W. J. Anderson, R. H. Macaulay, H. C. Goodhart, A. T. B. Dunn. H. W. Bainbridge

Referee: C. Crump

Attendance: 8000

1883 FA Cup Final Match Report

Blackburn Olympic somewhat compensated for the disappointment experienced a year ago, when everyone had taken it for granted that Blackburn Rovers would bring the Cup up north. The 1883 FA Cup Final looked like a repetition of the previous year’s Final, with the Old Etonians a goal in front and the Olympians were playing a similar game to Blackburn Rovers. Very little cohesion, long shots, and reckless passing. But they pulled themselves together and fully deserved their victory in the end, having the better of the game overall and running the Old Etonians off their feet before the match was over.

Inside-left Dunn proved to be an early handful for the Lancastrians’ defense before Yates relieved the pressure with a snapshot against the Etonian crossbar. Then, after another good run on the left for Old Etonians by Dunn, Goodhart sent the ball over the top when he ought really to have scored.

For some time, the play was give-and-take, Blackburn Olympic indulging in long crossfield passes while their opponents stuck to their close dribbling game. Then Goodhart made amends for his earlier miss, scoring with a terrific shot.

Up to halftime, Olympic, hard though they tried, had been unsuccessful in their efforts to equalize, though the proverbial luck of the Old Etonians saved them on several occasions. First, Yates dropped the ball onto the Eton bar as he had done earlier, and Paravicini and Foley then had to make last-ditch clearances from near the goal-line.

After halftime, the game was evenly balanced. Blackburn Olympic’s excellent play culminated in Matthews’ well-directed shot beyond Rawlinson’s reach after twenty minutes. Unfortunately, Eton lost its best forward, Dunn, when he retired from the field due to an injury – a significant loss for the team. As a result, Olympic began playing with more confidence, and Eton’s goalkeeper managed to stop Costley’s fine shot just in time.

Blackburn Olympic certainly had the better of the play up to the end of the ninety minutes and Dewhurst, their outside-right, took advantage of the first chance offered in the extra-time period to hammer in a shot that went just wide. After that, however, the Old Etonians were tiring fast, and Blackburn Olympic, with their superior stamina, had matters nearly all their way in the second period. Yates put in a fine diagonal run and crossed hard from the right to Costley, who rushed up to score the winning goal.

1883 FA Cup – Round By Round

First Round

Grimsby v Queen’s Park. Glasgow wo; Lockwood Bros v Macclesfield 4-3; Nottingham v Sheffield FC 6-1; Phoenix Bessemer vGrantham wo; Sheffield Wednesday v Spilsby 12-2; Nottingham Forest v Brigg Britannia wo; Heeley bye; St George’s v Calthorpe 5-1; Walsall TV Staveley4-1; Stafford Road v Small Heath Alliance 6-2; Aston Villa v Walsall Swifts 4-1; Wednesbury Old Ath v Spital 7-1; Aston Unity bye; Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool 11-1; Darwen Ramblers v South Shore 5-2; BLACKBURN OLYMPIC v Accrington S 6-3; Darwen v Blackburn Park Road 4-1; Church v Clitheroe 5-0; Lower Darwen v IrwelI Springs 5-2; Haslingden bye; Northwich Vic v Astley Bridge 3—2; Liverpool Ramblers v Southport 4-0; Eagley v Bolton Olympic 7-4; Bolton Wanderers v Bootle 6-1; Druids v Oswestry 2-0; Halliwell v Gt Lever 3-2; United Hospitals v London Olympic 3-0; Hanover Utd v Mosquitoes 1 -0; Clapham R v Kildare 3-0; Windsor v Acton 3-0; Brentwood v Barnes 4-2; Rochester v Hotspur 2-0; OLD ETONIANS v Old Foresters 3-1; Swifts v Union 4-1; Upton Pk bye; Etonian Ramblers v Romford 6—2; Old Carthusians v Pilgrims 6-0; Old Westminsters v Maidenhead 2-0; Royal Engineers v Woodford Bridge 3-1; Reading bye; Gt Marlow v Hornchurch 2-0; Hendon v West End 3-1; South Reading v Dreadnought 2-1; Reading Minster v Remnants wo; Chatham bye.

Second Round

BLACKBURN OLYMPIC v Lower Darwen 9-1; Darwen Ramblers v Haslingden 3-2; Church bye; Darwen v Blackburn R 1 -0; Druids v Northwich Vic 5-0; Bolton Wand v Liverpool Ramblers 3-0; Eagley v Halliwell 3-1; Old Carthusians v Etonian Ramblers 7-0; Old Westminsters bye; Royal Engineers v Reading 8-0; Clapham R v Hanover Utd 7-1; Windsor v United Hospitals 3-1; OLD ETONIANS v Brentwood 2-1; Rochester bye; Swifts v Upton Pk 3-2; Hendon v Chatham 2—1; South Reading bye; Gt Marlow v Reading Minster wo; Notts Co bye; Phoenix Bessemer v Grimsby 8-1; Sheff Wed v Lockwood Bros 6-0; Nott’m Forest v Heeley 7-2; Aston Villa v Wednesbury Old Ath 4-1; Aston Unity v St George’s 3-0; Walsall T v Stafford Road 4-1

Third Round

BLACKBURN OLYMPIC v Darwen Ramblers 8-0; Church v Darwen 2-0; Druids v Bolton Wand 1 -0; Eagley bye; Old Carthusians v Old Westminsters 3-2; Royal Engineers bye; Clapham R v Windsor 3-0; OLD ETONIANS v Rochester 7-0; Swifts bye; Hendon v South Reading 11-1; Gt Marlow bye; Notts Co v Phoenix Bessemer 3-2; Sheff Wed v Nott’m Forest 3-2; Aston Villa v Aston Unity 3-1; Walsall T bye

Fourth Round

BLACKBURN OLYMPIC v Church 2-0; Druids v Eagley 2-1; Old Carthusians v Royal Engineers 6-2; Clapham R bye; OLD ETONIANS v Swifts 2-0; Hendon v Gt Marlow 3-0; Notts Co v Sheff Wed 4-1; Aston Villa v Walsall T 2-1

Fifth Round

BLACKBURN OLYMPIC v Druids 4-0; Old Carthusians v Clapham R 5-3; OLD ETONIANS v Hendon 4-2; Notts County v Aston Villa 4-3

1883 FA Cup Semi-Finals

BLACKBURN OLYMPIC v Old Carthusians 4-0; OLD ETONIANS v Notts Co 2-1

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