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Human Foosball: The History, Rules, How To Make And Play

Have you ever played foosball or table football? Do you enjoy playing soccer? Well then maybe you would like to play human foosball!

Human foosball is the same thing as regular foosball, but humans take the place of the plastic players instead! The game aims to get the ball into your team’s goal while still holding onto your rod. There are four types of human foosball: unenclosed, custom-built, inflatable, and facility.

The game is great for a team building event, corporate events, family reunions, school events, sporting events and is so much fun, even for grown ups.

mates playing human foosball

Human Foosball Variations

To start, the unenclosed version is the easiest to set up and the cheapest to play, which makes it the most popular human foosball game. In this version, people set up cones for the goals and have players hold onto a long PVC pipe. The unenclosed format has no barriers to the field.

The next version of the human foosball game is the custom-built one. There are many ways to make barriers in this field type, such as wood, netting, cardboard, house siding, etc. Play is similar to the unenclosed version. However, these barriers help to keep the ball consistently in play. It could be played indoors.

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The third way to play the human foosball game is using an established field at a facility. These fields are well built and sturdy. The biggest benefit is they are super convenient since they are already set up and ready to start playing. The only problem is that facility fields are usually a more expensive option. This option is the closest to a real life game of soccer.

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The final type of field is a human foosball inflatable. People can find these for rent from certain companies, and they are usually professionally built. They cost more than a facility field, but they are easier to put up and take down than other physical barriers and have the added benefit of flexibility to set up anywhere. All you need is a soccer ball and you are ready to play and have fun.

different types of human foosball fields

History Of The Game

Human foosball was first heard of in the 1970s but did not start becoming popular until the 2000s. Multiple people claim to have created the human foosball game, so it is uncertain if anyone came up with the idea. However, in different places around the world, human foosball tournaments are happening.

Although this is true, these tournaments are more common in some places than others. For example, one of the most recognized and popular leagues globally is the International Human Foosball Association, based in Iowa, USA. For any foosball game enthusiast, you must make the trip once in your lifetime.

The human foosball field is around 32 feet long and 16 feet wide – a little smaller than the average dimensions of half a basketball court. On the field, multiple rods are stretching across the field for players to hold on to.

On each human foosball team, there are six players: 1 goalie, three midfielders, and two forwards. If the ball is kicked out of the field, the soccer ball is put back into play from the middle. During a game, the organizer decides what score the players play to.

older lady playing human foosball

How To Play Human Foosball 

The official rules for the game are as follows:

  1. Players must hold onto the horizontal rods with both hands at all times
  2. Players are not allowed to hang from the rods
  3. It is a foul if any player, intentionally or not, is hit with the ball above the shoulders
  4. Players can block the ball with their arms as long as they keep holding onto the rod
  5. During each period, both teams are allowed only one substitution, and they have to complete it within 15 seconds
  6. If the referee notices that one team is intentionally stalling play, they will be given a warning, and if it continues, a penalty kick will be given to the other team

The ball that is used for human foosball varies from game to game. The most common is a standard soccer ball. These are easy to find in most stores, and it does not need to be fancy or expensive.

You do not need to go anywhere to play this game because it is possible to create a field right in your backyard!

To build a human foosball court, collect a solid material to make the borders of your field (wood is the most common). You will also need six PVC pipes and very strong glue and screws/nails. Next, cut holes in the wood or other material about two inches in diameter to make room for the PVC pipe to fit through.

After that, position your pieces of wood in a rectangle to form the court. Then, slide the PVC pipes into the holes so that they come across the field. Lastly, players will grab onto the poles in their chosen positions and let the fun begin.

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Human Foosball Rental

One question that you may have is, “Can you rent a human foosball court?” The answer is yes! It depends on where you live, but, as referenced above, you can find a human foosball game to rent in many places, either facility fields or inflatable courts.

The most common type is the inflatable one, which is due to the ease of moving it. You can rent the solid pieces separately to set up your human foosball game in some places, but those require you to assemble them before use, and the pieces are usually big and bulky.

As you can see, human foosball (table football) is a fun and entertaining game that you can play with your friends or family members. There are many variations of the game that make it easy to play from wherever you live! Give it a try, it’s a fun competition.

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