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How Long Is A Soccer Game

So you want to know how long is a soccer game? We can help you.

The standard adult soccer game is 90 minutes in playing time. The soccer game consists of two half of 45 minutes each. Between the two halves is a 15-minute break. No other breaks are permitted. When soccer is played in extreme heat, a referee can judge to allow the players to have a water break. During this water break, they must stay on the field of play, and the managers/coaches must remain off the field.

The official, known as the referee in soccer, can allow additional time at each half. Reasons they add time for time lost due to substitutions, fouls, injuries, goals, offsides, ball out of play, time-wasting, or when they are booking a player. Referees will track these instances on their stopwatch. This extra time is known as injury or stoppage time. It’s added on at the end of each half.

Professional Soccer Game

In FIFA sanctioned or professional soccer games, you will see the fourth official hold up an electronic board with the number of additional minutes. This number is the decision of the onfield referee who will signal what number he wants to be added to the fourth official.

In amateur soccer, the referee will add the extra minutes onto the half before blowing his whistle for half time or full time. To announce this, the referee will blow their whistle for an extended period or do three whistles in sync.

The rule on how long is a soccer game is played was set in 1866, during a clash between Sheffield and London.  Both teams agreed on two halves of 45 minutes each and teams swap ends at halftime.  This has been followed ever since.  Prior to this, there are recordings of games being played for 3.5 – 5 hours.

How Long Is A World Cup Soccer Game

A World Cup game duration is the same time as a standard game. The only difference in World Cups and other cup tournaments is that you may have extra time at the end of the 90 minutes if the score is level.

When the referee blows their whistle to indicate that regulation time is over, the players and managers come together on the field to rehydrate and receive tactics for extra time.

Extra time is a total of 30 minutes split between 2 halves once again. There is stoppage time added to each half of extra time if necessary. When it’s halftime, the team swap ends immediately. There is no break between halves in extra time.

The game is decided on penalty kicks if the soccer game ends in a draw after extra time.

Youth Soccer Game

Depending on your age group, this will vary. There is no advice from FIFA on this matter. Each countries football association decides to make that decision.

USA Soccer recommends the following:

Under-6 Age Group – 4 x 6 minutes

Under-8 Age Group – 4 x 12 minute

Under-10 Age Group – 2 x 25 minutes

Under-11 and 12 Age Group – 2 x 30 minutes

Under-13 and 14 Age Group – 2 x 25 minutes

Under-15 and 16 Age Group – 2 x 40 minutes

Under-17 and 18 Age Group – 2 x 45 minutes

All youth teams should have unlimited substations to provide equal playing time for your child and ensure everyone can rest during each half.

How Long Should A Junior Soccer Game Last_

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